Friday, June 11, 2010

"Commit first, figure out the details later."

I write this post-second of the trip- now on day seven, incidentally aboard one of Spirit Air’s fine craft on our last leg of the journey. This of course, is not what Nick and I set out to do when the whole trip blog idea was conceived-it was of noble intent yet fell victim to our ever present inability to sit still long enough to do anything more than drink a beer-especially when overseas. The ill fate of the blog actually serves as a good metaphor for the bulk of our endeavors. Generally they enjoy a brilliant beginning; enthusiastic planning and discussion followed by extensive publicity via word of mouth (telling everyone willing to entertain us for a moment). However, when the execution phase is finally thrust upon us, a host of distractions inevitably come rushing in derailing the project. But, as my old foreman used to say, “better late than even later.” We now press on for the sake of the few unfortunate souls with entirely too much time on their hands who may chance upon this tardy publication.

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